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Best Marriage Advice: 6 Things to Know Before Saying I Do


In order to have a successful marriage, it is important to prioritize the relationship, address uncomfortable conversations, and listen without the intent to respond.

Key Insights

🙏 Forgiveness isn’t strength, but so is apologizing, and I have always considered myself to be a very unapologetic kind of person.

💰 If everybody decided to take the same energy they put into the actual wedding day and put that into the marriage, the divorce rate wouldn’t be as high.

💑 “You have to learn to grow together and move as one, and to understand each other and to be able to continue to put each other first.”

💔 The small stuff festers into big stuff, so the little things do matter in a marriage.

👀 Recognizing and acknowledging the little things your partner does can make a significant impact on your relationship.

💬 Finding comfort in uncomfortable conversations and moments is important in a marriage, unlike in dating where you can run away from things.

💭 People often avoid giving feedback in marriage due to fear of how it will be received, but addressing uncomfortable conversations can be beneficial in the long run.

🗣️ Perspective is everything in a relationship, and it’s important to listen without the intent to respond in order to truly understand the other person’s communication.


What are the key factors for a successful marriage?

—Prioritizing the relationship, addressing uncomfortable conversations, and listening without the intent to respond are important for a successful marriage.

How can forgiveness and apologizing impact a marriage?

—Forgiveness and apologizing are important in marriage, and it’s necessary to put yourself in your partner’s shoes to create a happy environment for the family.

What is the importance of communication in marriage?

—Communication and understanding are key in marriage, and it’s important to listen and receive the other person’s perspective without the intent to respond.

How can couples maintain intimacy in marriage?

—Couples need to find creative ways to prioritize time together and support each other in managing family dynamics and responsibilities to maintain intimacy in marriage.

What are the challenges of balancing work, kids, and intimacy in marriage?

—The challenges of balancing work, kids, and maintaining intimacy in marriage can lead to exhaustion and unpredictability, requiring intentional support and creative prioritization of time together.

Timestamped Summary

👫 00:00 Marriage advice: forgiveness, apologizing, understanding, and catering to each other’s needs are crucial for a happy and successful marriage.

🔑 05:31 Prioritize communication, apologize first, and acknowledge mistakes to create a happy marriage environment.

💍 07:47 Marriage requires work, selflessness, and deep connection, so focus on the marriage rather than the wedding day.

🔑 13:24 Childhood baggage impacts marriage, requiring patience, therapy, and prayer to work through past hurts and differences in upbringing.

👫 18:27 Understanding and respecting each other, letting go of grudges, and prioritizing intimacy are key to a happy and supportive marriage.

🔑 21:46 Prioritize and schedule time for family, balance work and kids, find creative ways to maintain intimacy, and support each other in managing family dynamics for a happy marriage.

👫 26:09 Pay attention to the little things in marriage, appreciate your partner’s efforts, address issues in the moment, and be present and attentive to each other’s needs for a happy marriage.

👫 30:53 Supporting each other during stress is crucial; uncomfortable conversations, communication, and regular discussions are key for a successful marriage.

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