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Engagement Party Planning: Sentimental Traditions and Stylish Touches


The tradition of passing down the bride-to-be cup is a sentimental and meaningful gesture in the family, and incorporating current wedding trends and themed cocktails can add a stylish and festive touch to the celebration.

Key Insights

💍 The tradition of passing down the bride-to-be cup is a sentimental and meaningful gesture in the family.

🕯️ The choice of pink and rose gold votives for the party reflects current wedding trends and adds a stylish element to the decor.

🎃 Mini pumpkins can make a charming addition to wedding decor, adding a touch of rustic elegance.

🍹 The themed cocktail for the engagement party is a winter sangria with rosemary involved, adding a unique and festive touch to the celebration.

🍹 The sangria recipe with honey and rosemary might be a hit or miss for the party guests.


What is the tradition of passing down the bride-to-be cup?

—The tradition involves passing down a special cup from generation to generation within the family of the bride-to-be.

How can current wedding trends be incorporated into the tradition?

—Current wedding trends can be incorporated by adding themed cocktails and stylish touches to the celebration.

Why is passing down the bride-to-be cup considered sentimental?

—It is considered sentimental because it symbolizes the passing down of family traditions and the continuation of family heritage.

What is the significance of the bride-to-be cup in the family?

—The bride-to-be cup holds sentimental value and represents the bond and traditions within the family.

How can themed cocktails add a festive touch to the celebration?

—Themed cocktails can add a festive touch by incorporating the bride-to-be cup tradition into modern wedding celebrations.

Timestamped Summary

🎉 00:00 Engagement party prep vlog series for Italian food catering at fiance’s parents’ backyard with DIY decorations.

🎉 00:52 Exciting engagement party prep with rose gold letter balloons to match the theme.

🎉 01:38 Bride-to-be wants to use a special cup, simple mason jar vases, and affordable fall flowers for engagement party decorations.

🎉 02:28 Planning an engagement party with DIY ideas for decorations and votives that can be reused for the wedding.

💡 03:18 Use fake tea lights for wedding centerpieces with mason jars, flowers, and mini pumpkins, as real tea lights are not allowed, and they look just as good.

🍹 04:02 Planning an engagement party with themed cocktails and setting up at the parents’ house.

🍹 05:06 Making sangria for the party with white wine, honey, rosemary, frozen peaches, lemon juice, orange slices, and peach schnapps.

🎉 06:07 Fired Mark, dad got fired, set up tables, bring holders, thanks for help.

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