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Ultimate Guide to Planning a Bridal Shower


Bridal showers are an important part of the wedding journey and should be carefully planned with attention to detail, including considering themes, food, and timing.

Key Insights

👰 Bridal showers are an important part of the wedding journey, and it’s essential to plan them with care and attention to detail.

🎉 Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and bridal luncheons offer different options for celebrating without the traditional wild bachelorette party.

👰 Having co-maids of honor can allow for a division of responsibilities, such as one being in charge of the bridal shower and the other in charge of the bachelorette party.

🌞 The timing of the bridal shower should take into consideration the weather and local customs, such as having it in the spring or summer in certain regions.

🎨 Pinterest is a great place to start when it comes to coming up with a theme or style for a bridal shower, as it provides inspiration and allows you to be creative.

🍽️ When planning a bridal shower, considering food and drink ideas, as well as budget, is essential for a successful event.

🍴 Keep bridal shower food easy with bite-sized finger foods for mingling and conversation, no need for a formal meal.

🎉 Tacos can be a creative and cute option for a bridal shower menu, especially mini ones!

🎁 Offering themed cookies as party favors can be a unique and memorable touch for a bridal shower.


Who is typically responsible for planning a bridal shower?

—The maid of honor is typically responsible for planning the bridal shower, but other bridesmaids or bridesmen may also contribute financially and help with planning.

When should digital invitations be sent out for a bridal shower?

—Digital invitations should be sent out four months in advance, with initial invitations sent two to three months in advance and an RSVP deadline of three to four weeks before the event.

What is the recommended duration for a bridal shower?

—The recommended duration for a bridal shower is about two hours, with a schedule of eating, games, and gifts, and considering the bride’s preferences for games and gift opening.

What are some gift ideas for a bridal shower?

—Gift ideas for a bridal shower can include lingerie, white robes, bridal undergarments, items for the honeymoon, and items related to the home.

What are some considerations for the location of a bridal shower?

—Considerations for the location of a bridal shower include options for hosting at home or renting a space, as well as the pros and cons of hosting at a public space versus a private residence.

Timestamped Summary

👰 00:00 Plan a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and bridal luncheon to build excitement for the wedding, with advice on timing and budgeting.

👰 04:06 The maid of honor usually plans the bridal shower, but others can contribute financially and help with planning, and the couple may also contribute to the budget.

💌 06:02 Send digital invitations 4 months in advance, initial invitations 2-3 months before with RSVP deadline 3-4 weeks before, and choose a date 1.5 months before the wedding.

👰 09:06 Use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, find a general direction for the bridal shower, and consider personalized options within your budget for decorations, food, and drinks.

👰 12:04 Plan a bridal shower with easy, bite-sized food, creative options like mini tacos, and multiple games, considering the bride’s preferences and aiming for a standard duration of two hours.

👰 15:30 Plan a bridal shower with a schedule of eating, games, and gifts, and consider giving consumable party favors.

👰 19:42 Encourage bride to create registry or provide theme for gifts, consider lingerie and honeymoon items, use digital invites like Evite.

👰 22:48 Consider location options for hosting a bridal shower, weigh pros and cons of public spaces versus private residences, and communicate with groomsmen for venue ideas.

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