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Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Planning under $10k


You can have a beautiful and special wedding on a budget of $10,000 or less by being strategic with your expenses and focusing on what truly matters.

Key Insights

Budgeting and cost-saving strategies

🎉 You don’t have to sacrifice the look or feel of your wedding simply because your budget doesn’t look like most weddings.

🎉 With a $10,000 budget, you may not be able to hire a professional vendor for every category of your wedding.

💰 When looking for a wedding venue, aim to not spend higher than $2500 to leave room for other expenses.

💌 Consider sending digital invites via The Knot, Zola, or a wedding text service like Text My Wedding.

📸 With a budget of $10,000 or less, it’s possible to find catering options like food trucks or local drop catering services for 100 people.

💰 The more guests you have, the more expensive your wedding potentially can be, so you can either let your guest list dictate your budget or your budget dictate your guest list.

💰 “I did do a video with amy from twin tweets where we did a dessert table for like 75 people for 150 less than 150 bucks with stuff only from trader joe’s and costco I’m telling you guys.”

💐 DIY wedding flowers for under $220 is completely achievable, saving a significant amount on wedding expenses.

💰 Having a buffer of 10% in your wedding budget is essential to avoid unexpected expenses and stay within budget.

📸 You may have to get creative with photography. Consider using an alternative such as passing out wedding disposable cameras, or using a photo/video collection service such as ReplayMyDay.

Wedding planning misconceptions and industry pressure

💍 The specialness of your wedding day is not determined by whether something is new or used, but by the love and joy shared with your partner and guests.

💰 “I know the industry makes you feel like your wedding is going to be cheap tacky cheesy or less important because you’re spending less money on it and I am absolutely not here for that.”


How can I plan a beautiful wedding for less than $10,000?

— You can plan a budget-friendly wedding by being strategic with your expenses, using DIY resources, and finding affordable vendors for different aspects of your wedding.

What are some tips for finding a budget-friendly wedding venue?

— Consider public spaces or government-owned properties for a budget-friendly wedding venue, as other expenses won’t decrease if you spend more on the venue.

How can I save money on wedding drinks and dessert?

— Stick to beer, wine, and simple non-alcoholic beverages to save money on wedding drinks, and create a dessert table with items from affordable stores like Costco and Trader Joe’s.

What are some cost-saving options for wedding invitations?

— Basic Invite is a great resource for affordable wedding invitations, with styles for everyone and invitations starting at 99 cents each, allowing you to save money for other wedding expenses.

How can I allocate my budget for unexpected expenses?

— Allocate at least $150 for unexpected expenses and have a $10 buffer to cover additional costs that may arise during wedding planning.

Timestamped Summary

👰 00:00 Plan your wedding for less than $10,000 by being crafty with your budget and not sacrificing the look or feel of your wedding, and check out the new podcast “Engage with Jamie Wolfer” for more information.

👰 03:12 Plan a wedding for less than $10k by using a budget spreadsheet, DIY, or finding alternative vendors, and choosing budget-friendly venues.

👰 06:25 Consider skipping a coordinator, opting for buffet style and limited drink options, and hiring separate vendors to plan a wedding for less than 10k.

👰 10:12 Plan a budget-friendly wedding by creating a dessert table with items from Costco and Trader Joe’s, finding a venue with tables and chairs included, renting linens, and considering borrowing or doing some elbow grease to save money on tables and chairs.

👰 12:28 Plan a wedding for less than 10k by using DIY resources for florals, cutting the video budget, bartering for sound equipment, and skipping save the dates to save money on stationery and stamps.

💍 16:23 Plan a wedding for less than 10k by using Basic Invite for affordable invitations, finding affordable attire, budgeting for alterations, and allocating money for unexpected expenses.

👰 19:23 Plan a wedding for less than 10k by using Uber for transportation, finding a cheaper venue, opting for drop catering, keeping drinks and dessert simple, utilizing affordable options like Costco cake and food trucks, and considering DIY options for florals and stationary.

💰 21:53 Plan a budget wedding for less than $10,000 by being creative and using resources like Budget Savvy Bride for inspiration and encouragement.

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