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Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, from choosing the perfect venue to selecting a delicious menu. One important aspect of wedding planning is designing and selecting the right invitations. After all, your wedding invitations will set the tone for your special day and give your guests a glimpse into the style and theme of your wedding. To help you navigate the world of wedding stationery, we've put together the ultimate guide to choosing and designing wedding invitations with Vistaprint.

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In this digital age, traditional wedding invitations are being replaced with a more modern and convenient option - text wedding invitations. With Text My Wedding, couples can effortlessly send out invitations to their loved ones, ensuring that the important details of their special day reach everyone in a timely manner. In this article, we will explore the concept of text wedding invitations, the benefits they offer, and provide guidance on crafting the perfect invitation. We will also discuss the etiquette involved in sending these invitations, managing responses, and overcoming any potential challenges that may arise.